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Notification for Operating in the Future Electromagnetic Environment Symposium

Notification for Operating in the Future Electromagnetic Environment Symposium

Dstl is holding the following two-day Symposium in November.  This has limited capacity and we are therefore seeking expressions of interest for the event.  In order to help assist with planning, please can you register your interest by 25th October 2019.

Event Title: Operating in the Future Electromagnetic Environment Symposium

Location: Institution of Mechanical Engineers, One Birdcage Walk, London, SW1H 9JJ

Dates: 19th November 2019 09:00 to 20th November 2019 16:30


Event Description:

The defence and security community is at the forefront of electromagnetic research and innovation. Challenges in this arena can mirror those in society – seeking solutions which harness technology to protect and improve lives, enhance prosperity and improve efficiency.

In today’s connected world the electromagnetic environment runs through every domain, from sea to space. For example, the physics exploited by an autonomous vehicle on the battlefield apply equally to autonomous vehicles used for moving people, services or goods in a future society; or as an enabler in addressing the challenges of an ageing population.

Increasing congestion across parts of the electromagnetic spectrum – primarily radio and microwave – threatens our ability to efficiently and reliably exploit energy or information in a timely manner. Society faces a “spectrum crisis” as this heavy occupancy and sustained demand for access converge on the same part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Some solutions are starting to emerge, such as expanding into less-congested parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, which may also offer additional advantages. However, would deeper exploration reveal further options for improving electromagnetic spectrum access and operation within congested bands?

We are bringing together a community of minds from across industry and academia to engage and work alongside government scientists to shape future thinking, through:

  • The sharing of challenges for operating within the future electromagnetic environment; and
  • Harnessing research and development investment in future approaches.

Any information that is to be presented by any party at this symposium and further that is detailed within this event will be deemed to be in the public domain and therefore will not require further approval for its use by the receiving parties not withstanding any rights of ownership of information set in law. Please note this notification is for information purposes only and does not constitute an invitation to tender.

Next Steps:

To register your expression of interest for the Operating in the Future Electromagnetic Environment Symposium or if you have any questions then please email:  OFEME_Symposium@dstl.gov.uk

by 25th October 2019.