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Internet of Things (IoT) Security Summit: May 6th, 2015

Internet of Things (IoT) Security Summit: May 6th, 2015

Friday, 5 June, 2015 - 09:00 to 16:00


Emerging Risks – in the era of the Internet of Things, SECURITY SOLUTIONS: “are they fit for purpose?”
With more and more deployments of IoT there is a rapidly expanding surface for adversaries to attack. This provides a challenge for technology companies and system architects as typical applications are constrained by cost, computational performance, bandwidth, energy and network access. Add in the extended life expectancy of both devices and systems and the security challenge is ever-complex.

Experts maintain that it is not a case of if, but when a security exploit will take place.

Whilst industry can leverage knowledge from the IT domain, IoT security must evolve.



IoT Security and the Opportunity
Steve Unger, CTO Ofcom – Policy, Leveraging Assets and the Role for Regulation

IoT Security Attack Surfaces Exposed
David Rogers, Copper Horse – Identifying the Layers of Vulnerability

Hacking into IoT Systems in the Real World
Ken Munro, Pen Test Partners - Ethical Hacking
Flavio Garcia, Senior Lecturer, Computer Security, University of Birmingham – Automotive Security: the Bad and the Ugly

IoT Security and Protocols Intertwined
Mike Muller, CTO ARM – Integrating IoT Security

Applying Cryptography in the IoT Arena
Professor Kenny Paterson, RHC, University of London – Where and how to apply cryptography to IoT

Lessons from the Cellular World
Steve Babbage, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Cryptographer, Vodafone Group – Security for Mobile Things, Today and Tomorrow

Panel & Audience Debate: Securing the Future and Liberating the IoT
Introduction and Overview by Beecham Research

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