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eFutures Academic Community Event May 2017

eFutures Academic Community Event May 2017

The themes for this year’s Annual Community Event were the EPSRC Cross-ICT Priorities: Cross-Disciplinarity and Co-Creation and Future Intelligent Technologies.  

Presentations covered the broad landscape of electronics research, from the physical layer through circuit architecture and up to applications and we will cover gaps where new research is needed and discussions took place about how eFutures members can get involved in joint collaborative research.

We had an impressive line-up of speakers (see below) and we have attached the presentations: 

Prof Asen Asenov - Glasgow University (PDF Presentation below)
Matt Horsnell - ARM (PDF Presentation below)
Jonny Wray - e-Therapeutics (PDF Presentation below)

Dr Sarah Newman (EPSRC) also presented about funding opportunities in these areas which led on to three Breakout Sessions that built on the ideas presented by the invited speakers.

Research opportunities were discussed in each areas and recorded - please see the PDF below and get in touch if you are interested in looking in to these opportunities further.         

Prof Asen Asenov & Prof Steve Hall 
Matt Horsnell & Prof Steve Furber
Jonny Wray & Prof Andrew Brown

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the day and we look forward to sending further information about the next event.

If you have any questions please email efutures@ncl.ac.uk and if would like to join the network to hear more about upcoming events, join here.

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