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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

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Electronic systems and their underpinning technologies are at the heart of innovation throughout the world. The eFutures network seeks to maximize the impact of UK electronics research and aims to build a strong community identity within electronics research groups in universities around the UK .

Here are our current key objectives:

  1. Building Bridges
    • Introduce sets of people to each other who would not, in the normal course of professional events, have an opportunity to interact with each other. Research collaboration cannot be forced, however doors can be opened and new partners identified by linking communities which previously had little or no contact.  (Click here for more information in this area)
  2. Supporting Early Careers
    • Maintaining the flow of talented researchers is essential to the wellbeing of electronics research for the future. It is also essential to develop new and vibrant networks that will carry research forward. (Click here for more information )
  3. Working with Industry
    • There is a significant opportunity for eFutures to continue to act as a conduit between industry and academia to help build links and understand common research portfolios. The ESCO report noted that although there is significant industry-university collaboration taking place in electronic systems, there is a strong need for better strategic alignment between academia and industry. eFutures will strive to act as the lynch pin in this and work closely with Innovate UK and NMI. (Click here for more information )
  4. Consolidating eFutures
    • Improve website presence, expand membership so that all Universities and Institutions are fully represented, ensure we meet the needs of the entire community and be a relaxed forum for people to discuss current issues.(Click here for more information)


Electronics Industry Statistics (Source (ESCO 2015)

Over 1 million people are employed in the UK in the area of electronic systems (3.3 % of the total workforce)

30 000 businesses.

£98Bn (5.4% of GDP)