Staff Award

Maximum award (100% FEC): £60,000

Details: For carrying out larger scoping or “proof of concept” studies which require dedicated staff (RA’s) to carry out specific tasks (experiments) or an extended visit to a laboratory in order to be immersed in another discipline.

Award Notes:

Staff awards are aimed principally at small teams of researchers from two or more disciplines who wish to carry out key experiments or measurements to confirm an initial hypothesis.

No funding will be available for academic staff time or other “directly allocated” costs with the exception of overheads relating to the RA to be employed on the project. These are permissible and can be included in the "Directly Allocated" and "Indirect" rows in the Funding section of the application form.

Referees will be asked to judge all applications based on research quality, strategic benefit and value for money.

Staff Award applications will also be judged on:

  • Feasibility of planned work
  • Impact of planned work
  • Track record of staff
  • Wider benefit to society
  • The potential to lead to either future eFuturesXD awards or a longer, larger collaboration
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