Meeting Award

Maximum award (100% FEC): £10,000

Details: To organise events specifically aimed at building a research consortium (including sandpits, speed dating etc.)

Award Notes:

Meeting awards are intended to facilitate the building of larger research consortia comprising researchers from a number of departments and institutions across the ICT portfolio.

There is no upper limit on the number of people that can be involved in events funded by the Meeting award but the expected number of people should be justified both scientifically and financially in the proposal.

Resources can be requested to allow non-UK researchers to attend and give talks.

Referees will be asked to judge all applications based on research quality, strategic benefit and value for money.

Meeting Award applications will also be judged on:

  • How appropriate the proposed research topic is
  • Subject coverage
  • Proposed participants
  • The potential to lead to either future eFuturesXD awards or a longer, larger collaboration


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