Facility Award

Maximum award (100% FEC): £20,000

Details: For the use of expensive characterisation facilities such as microscopy, fabrication of novel structures using clean rooms or manufacture of test chips using Europractice. Facilities can be outside the UK if appropriate.

Award Notes:

This award is intended for researchers who have a current or recent cross-disciplinary project and require additional resources to take their idea towards commercialisation or require further investment to bridge the gap with follow-on funding. Applications from early stage work are also permitted but evidence of success factors should be included in the application.

Applications for buying new equipment or refurbishing current equipment will not be permitted. A list of EPSRC supported facilities can be found here: http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/funding/facilities/epsrc/Pages/default.aspx but this is not definitive. The eFutures Find a Facility function might also be useful.

Awards of more than £15k will require recipients to give two presentations at community events, one soon after the award and one at the end of the award. The final profile payment will be withheld if this is not adhered to.

Referees will be asked to judge all applications based on research quality, strategic benefit and value for money.

Facility Award applications will also be judged on:

  • Feasibility of planned work
  • Excellence of the facilities intended to be used
  • The potential to lead to either future eFuturesXD awards or a longer, larger collaboration
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