Funding Update  - please note that this award is now closed. The eFuturesXD funding requires all projects to be completed by May 2015. Applications can no longer be accepted. 

Welcome to eFuturesXD, the cross-disciplinary account offering awards to support UK academics in electronics as they initiate collaborative research across their discipline boundary.

On this page you'll find links to what you need to know about the procedures involved as well as links to the submission forms and information on awards that have been made.

There are no fixed deadlines, submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis.

eFuturesXD remit

The goal of eFuturesXD is to bring together high calibre people and teams and so build critical mass in emerging areas where the UK may then take a lead. Major challenges include the ability to communicate across a discipline boundary, key experiments or measurements to confirm an initial hypothesis or the time to be immersed in another topic.

In the first instance we are looking for collaborations which fall within the EPSRC ICT portfolio. We may open this up to other domains (e.g. physical sciences, healthcare) in the future if relevant.


Please note that eFuturesXD will only pay 80% of the Full Economic Cost of the proposal, the applicants institution will be expected to provide the other 20% costs as is usual for EPSRC grants. Due to payment profiles, funds for the majority of awards will be released as invoiced.

Got any questions?

If you have any questions or queries then in the first instance please check the eFuturesXD forum to see if your question has already been asked and answered. If not then please post a new topic or contact efutures@ncl.ac.uk.

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