Electrical Machine Test Facilities

Bristol University

The University of Bristol is an international powerhouse of learning, discovery and enterprise. Its vision is of a university whose excellence is acknowledged locally, nationally and globally.

Higher education league tables consistently place the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department amongst the best in the UK, in terms of the research output, but also for the excellent teaching quality provided, which is reflected in the strong employment prospects of our students.


A brief description of some of the facilities available is below, a full list of available facilities can be found on our Facilities page.

Anechoic Chamber

An 8 x 5 x 4m pyramidal-cone anechoic chamber designed and certified by Emerson & Cuming, served by a 65GHz Vector Network Analyser, a two-axis positioner and a polarised source that allows the full 3D radiation pattern characteristics of antenna elements and arrays to be measured and analysed over a frequency range of a few hundred MHz to tens of GHz.

Clean Room

The clean room has full photonic fabrication capability, including a variety of photolithography, etching, (wet, RIE and ICP), PECVD, metal sputtering and dielectric optical coating equipment in a class 10,000 environment with class 100 workstations.  Lasers and other optoelectronic components are manufactured with feature sizes down to 1 m.  Additionally high performance RF circuits are fabricated with bandwidths up to 17GHz.  The Department also has access to 2 focused ion beam etch systems (20 and 7nm resolution).

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