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Case Studies

Case Studies

eFutures has been able to offer cross-disciplinary awards to support UK academics in electronics as they initiate collaborative research across their discipline boundary.  The goal of eFuturesXD was to bring together high calibre people and teams and so build critical mass in emerging areas where the UK may then take a lead. Major challenges include the ability to communicate across a discipline boundary, key experiments or measurements to confirm an initial hypothesis or the time to be immersed in another topic.

Please view our efuturesXD case studies below.

Welcome Trust, ‘The cortical representation of low-probability stimuli and its neuromorphic implementation’,...Read more

Since the project ended we had one related paper accepted:
Luo,...Read more

The findings from the eFutures funded project were initially presented at the...Read more

The funding provided an opportunity for us to investigate using embedded technology...Read more

This project has helped secure funding for the following EPSRC projects:
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